Low Voltage Electrical Projects (REBT)

An electrical project is a document that certifies the design and operation of an electrical installation under certain conditions of use in accordance with current regulations.

You will need an electrical project to carry out a new electrical installation or to carry out a substantial reform or modification of an existing installation. Both the supply company and the competent administration will demand the electrical project in these cases that justifies compliance with current regulations on electrical installations prior to granting the supply.

Depending on the purpose of the project, it must be submitted to the town hall (to obtain activity licences) or to the corresponding Ministry of Industry and Energy (in the case of prior notification of the commissioning of low-voltage installations). The supply must also be registered at the offices of the supply company. These procedures can be carried out in person and in some autonomous communities and municipalities telematically.

The commissioning of this type of installation will require, in addition to the aforementioned project, various formalities such as the application for a coupling point and certificates such as the final certificate of work, inspection by an authorised control body (OCA) or the installer’s certificate (electrical bulletin), before proceeding with the application for connection to the supply network.

Our engineers will help you and accompany you throughout the process, from the design of the installation to the final start-up of the installation, coordinating all the formalities with the industrialists or installers and the different administrations and supply companies involved