In Talarn Consulting we provide services to different types of clients such as architects and quantity surveyors, installers, APIs and property managers or traders, companies and entrepreneurs.


Our engineering collaborates regularly with architects, quantity surveyors and engineering firms. We collaborate with them, complementing the architectural projects with the installation projects that are necessary, respecting as much as possible the relationship of architects, quantity surveyors and engineering firms with their clients.

We act as an extension of the architectural or engineering office guaranteeing the objectives of budgets, objectives and execution times. We also carry out the management of installation projects in those cases in which it is necessary for reasons of legislation or, in the case that it is not necessary, because the client or the people in charge of the architect’s office consider it essential.


We support installers in telecommunication projects and electrical installations, both in the legal and technical fields. The joint work with installers allows us to face the projects with security, guaranteeing a completion of the works of quality, with guarantees and with full legal fulfillment.

Our collaboration with the installers covers the design of technical projects, works management, support during installations, processing of documentation in the IEC and supply companies or assistance in the case of inspections.


As engineering we offer to the communities of owners, APIs and administrators of properties all the engineering services related to the installations of the buildings: design of new installations or extensions, reforms of obsolete installations, legalizations, proceedings with the IEC and the supplying companies, legalizations of activities, etc.

We want to be the partners of the APIs and property managers, giving them support in those areas of facilities and technologies that are necessary for their customers. We guarantee services with the best quality/price ratio.

At the same time, we keep our clients informed of new regulations or improvements to the technical installations of buildings.


One of the main concerns of merchants, businesses and entrepreneurs is to get their businesses up and running as quickly as possible and not be affected by regulatory changes. In Talarn Consulting we are the ideal engineering to coordinate and execute the technical projects and legalizations of our customers, ensuring compliance with deadlines, budgets and legal requirements.

We collaborate in the selection of the industrialists involved, in their coordination and in the processing of the technical and administrative documentation.