Common telecommunications infrastructure projects (ICT)

An ICT project is a technical report that guarantees all owners of a house, premises or offices of a multi-family or single-family building with horizontal division the reception of telecommunications services by common areas of the building.

The design carried out by the engineer in the ICT project must guarantee the reception of all existing services (RTV, Broadband, Optical Fiber, Satellite, etc.) with the optimum quality established by the regulations. It also determines the channels, registers and user sockets that must be installed in the building in order to have telecommunications services in a home, premises or office.

A project for the installation of a common telecommunications infrastructure (ICT) is required in order to obtain a building permit, subsequent legalisation and the first occupancy licence or a certificate of habitability.

The ICT project and the telecommunications bulletin must be submitted to the electronic registry of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism or to those regional bodies that have transferred competences, such as Catalonia. Once registered they will be delivered to the local administration, Town Hall, or Autonomous Community that requires them to obtain licenses and permits.

In some cases, in addition to the project, a final ICT certificate issued by a competent engineer is also required. Certification is required when the sum of housing, premises and offices in a building exceeds 21 units, in the event that the RTV network needs active elements in the distribution and provided that digital home services are installed.

The services that are projected in an ICT project are the following:

  • Sound and television broadcasting services from terrestrial broadcasts
  • Radio and television broadcasting services from satellite broadcasts
  • Publicly available telephone telecommunications service (STDP) and unshielded copper twisted pair cables of Class E (Category 6) or higher.
  • Coaxial Cable Broadband Service
  • Fiber optic broadband service
  • You can also project Digital Home services, but it is voluntary.