Activity Licenses

The activity license is the document that accredits the use of a local, warehouse or office for the exercise of a certain commercial activity.

In this document the conditions of habitability of the establishment will be assured, as well as the necessary conditioning for the activity that is going to be carried out in it.

Depending on the type of activity and its dangerousness, unhealthiness and the nuisance it may cause to neighbours, a distinction is made between two types of activities: harmless and those classified or qualified.

As harmless activities, are considered those that do not generate damage or nuisance in their vicinity. Most commercial or service establishments would fall into this category.

Classified or qualified activities apply to that type of business that is considered to be potentially hazardous or unhealthy. In addition, activities of this type may also be considered to be those which, although initially considered harmless, exceed certain parameters established by the specific regulations of the municipality or autonomous community, such as the total area of the business, the contracted power, etc.

There are some cases in which an activity licence is not necessary since they are established as exceptions on the part of the administration, such as activities in professional domiciles in which the public is not sold or attended to directly.

The latest simplifications of the regulations that have been promoted from Europe in the field of economic activities allow, in some cases, to start an economic activity without waiting for an activity licence to be approved. It would be in those activities in which no type of danger or unhealthiness is determined and in which the surface of the business does not exceed 300 m2. In these cases, it is possible to replace the activity licence with a responsible declaration. However, the responsible declaration must always be accompanied by the necessary documentation to be developed by a competent engineer or technician and the responsible declaration that has been made may be subject to an inspection by the local administration to check that everything is in order. If an activity is initiated by means of a responsible declaration and it is subsequently verified that the applicable regulations are not being complied with, the business may be closed down by the administration as a result of an inspection.

Whether managed as an activity licence or as a responsible statement, a technical report or project will need to be drafted by a competent technician. The technical report will be sufficient for those activities classified as harmless, but for those classified or qualified a technical project will be necessary, which has more difficulty than a simple technical report.

Our technicians are at your disposal to help you in the start up of your business and avoid all the problems that can be found in this type of processes and that can delay its start up. We guarantee the reduction of deadlines to the maximum and our accompaniment from the moment you decide to start the activity, until such activity becomes a reality. We will be your interlocutor with the administration and we will guarantee the exhaustive fulfillment of the effective legislation related to your business.