E-business development (e-commerce)

Many companies are currently debating the possibility of setting up their Internet sales channel. Most of the time, opening a sales channel on the Internet is done instinctively, thinking that it is just another sales channel. However, the success or failure of this new channel, which has nothing to do with the traditional ones, will depend on many factors that must be analyzed before its launch.

Having experts in the sector will be key to make a niche in the digital market. To do this, before launching the online channel is necessary to know how it works and what its possibilities, which entails knowing the online channel in its different points. Therefore, knowing what are the real possibilities of a project beyond mere intuition is key when starting to sell through the network.

In order to ensure the future success of the new digital channel, it is necessary to carry out a strategic analysis of the competition and the market. Conducting this study or analysis is essential to ensure the economic and commercial viability of the project.

Embarking on an ecommerce project without knowing the sector, the possibilities of the same as well as what is the competition and buyers greatly increases the chances of failure. Thanks to a market and feasibility study, the basis of a solid and reliable ecommerce project can be established.

This market and feasibility study will allow to know in advance which are the most recommended policies for the implementation of the online store in all aspects: logistics, design and programming, means of payment … since not all cases and sectors work the same strategies.

Some of the most important decisions to be taken before launching the online sales channel are the following:

  • Get to know better the main trends and actors in your market.
  • Gather enough information that will allow you to establish the volume of business.
  • Make the best decisions to achieve business objectives.
  • Set a product, price, distribution and communication policy.

In the field of e-commerce we can offer you a complete end-to-end service from the analysis to the execution and launch of the project:


  • Case analysis
  • Verification of requirements
  • Model Demo
  • Commercial proposal


  • Planning of tasks
  • Programme development
  • Functional tests
  • User training


  • Launch of the project
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Accompaniment
  • Solution Maintenance